Types and Possible Causes of Sex Addiction


Sex addiction seriously does not give any good to your life, both to your relationship and your health. It’s totally different with healthy sex. Generally, addiction to sex highly related with pleasing himself alone as he only cares about his acts than his partner. Someone who is addicted to sex will see sex as the main goal instead of loving and caring and even do extreme sexual activities.

·           Types of sex addiction

Actually, there are lots of types of sexual addiction out there but we only write some here and we hope it would be useful. Exhibition and voyeurism are the first type of sexual addiction. Someone who is struggling with exhibitionism will show what they ‘have’ to get some pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure. They will seek attention from other people but have no intention to build further relationship. Meanwhile, those who are struggling with voyeurism will objectify the other person. Similar with exhibition, voyeurism avoids further personal relationship. The second type is sex or love addiction. Someone who is struggling from this type can be romantically obsessed. It’s also easy for him to build codependent relationship. But there is also someone that avoids personal relationship as he doesn’t know how to manage it. The third type is porn addiction which people generally have known it. Watching or using porn to spice up someone’s love life is fair. But if someone’s gone too far with porn and do it obsessively or compulsively then it becomes a big problem. Other sexual addictions people should know are when someone uses pain to have sex, when someone seductively uses sex, when someone’s thoughts are filled with sex all day long, and when someone’s having intrusive sex.

·           Possible causes of sex addiction

Why they are still ‘possible’? It is because the exact causes are still undetected or unknown. The first possible cause is the changes happened in nerve circuits inside the brain. As the result, someone will suffer from abnormal physical reactions that can turn to sexual activity. The second possible cause is the abnormal levels of neurotransmitters (chemicals inside your brain) and androgens (sex hormones). The third possible cause is brain abnormalities which are usually occurred because of neurological conditions. The fourth possible cause, also the last one, is childhood abuse. Abusive treatments done during someone’s childhood maybe leave emotional trauma and it could increase the risk for someone to struggle with sex addiction.