Tobacco Addiction; Why is it so Difficult to Stop?


Tobacco addiction is a serious addiction problem that seems to be everlasting. It sounds too extreme to state that this problem will last forever, but the fact shows the signals. The addiction was actually started so many years ago when people plant tobacco and started the smoking habit. Then, tobacco industries were built in order to facilitate people who love smoking. This is how the smoking habit grows bigger and spreads wider than before. Even, it is common to see women and children smoke. Is it good or bad news then?

Some Contradictory Facts

As stated previously, Tobacco addiction is common because people are facilitated by the tobacco industries to grow the smoking habit. Absolutely, it gives much profit to the industries as well as to the government because it is one of the income sources for the country. Also, because of the fact that the industries grow bigger, it provides wider chances for people to get a job as a worker in the industries. Indeed, it absorbs so many labours there. What makes it contradicted then? The fact that there are many people suffered from serious health problems had initiated some researchers to conduct studies related to the effects of the smoking habit. Then, it is found that there are many substances in the cigarette that people smoke. Nicotine and other substances in tobacco cause many serious health problems to the smokers such as lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other diseases. Moreover, there are several kinds of cancer that are caused by the tobacco use including larynx cancer, pancreas cancer, pharynx cancer, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, cervix cancer, and kidney cancer. Recent studies also prove that there are about a half million cases of death every year caused by smoking. Most of them even premature death. This is not only the loss that tobacco can give to us. Although tobacco industries give profits and provide job opportunities, the risks of smoking cause bigger loss. It is approximately $100 billion spent for paying the health care expenses, which most of the cases only result in death.

What Can We Conclude from the Facts?

We cannot ignore that the smoking habit is so close to our society, makes it so difficult to stop it. The fact that tobacco industries contribute to the society by accommodating workers is a big consideration that makes it so difficult to decide to close the industries. It is so sad because it seems that the key success of saving people from the risks of tobacco and the smoking habit is by stopping the cigarette production. However, because this attempt is almost impossible to do, the best conclusion that we can draw from the facts is to realize that there are big risks and loss both financial and health that the tobacco can cause so that we had better protect anyone surrounds us to be free from the Tobacco addiction.