ToBa Dreams (2015) Honest Movie Review


Spoiler inside… I think.

ToBa Dreams’ Synopsis

This movie is about love story. Not just love story, this is based by loving-too-much story. Love that sometimes get lost in finding the truth. Just like Sergeant Tebe (Mathias Muchus) that educate their children just like combat troops due to his extraordinary love to them. When it comes to great conflict between the eldest son Ronggur (Vino G Bastian) that becomes a rebel to his family, the stubborn Ronggur finds his true love in Andini (Marsha Timothy), a noble lady that has a different religion.

142967741317144_300x430Yes, this movie is about Sergeant Tebe’s dreams which want to live peacefully with only pension money and chooses to build his hometown. But Ronggur declined, he wants to prove that his father is wrong in choosing a life path. With conflicts, Ronggur become a drug mafia and seized Andini from her parents which don’t approve their relationship.


Does in the end every human can reach their dreams and swim happily into their destiny? Within glamorous Jakarta and peaceful Toba Lake, Sergeant Tebe, Ronggur, and Andini draws their destiny drama. In Toba Lake, their dream and love begins.

My Honest Review about ToBa Dreams

This movie is quite long (144 minutes) but I don’t feel sleepy at all. For 144 minutes I just hold my eyes (and nose) to not to cry. I just too ashamed to cry in public 🙁 This drama gives many short conflicts that relates to another conflict and it successfully made up and downs in our emotions.

Typical plot, but because of the great act from actors and actress (director and co director were taken big part on it too), it can give you remarkable lines and moments. For example, the moment when they were joking, but 5 seconds later I just want to cry again because after they was joking, there was an irony.

ToBa Dreams bring great cinematography taking place around Toba Lake and Jakarta. Loved the color tone too!

The ending? Not quite surprised because the filmmaker already gives us a clue about it, but the ending is not the ending that I want.