Stop Smoking Cigarettes!


It is sure that there are so many people who suffer tobacco addiction. Nowadays, it is very easy to find someone who smokes. Besides, there are so many public places that provide smoking area. That is why those smokers feel like they are allowed to smoke. Even though it is not a mistake, you have to think twice before you start to smoke. There are many kinds of thing that you should be ready for if you decide to take cigarettes. If you do not want to get addicted, then you should not start the habits of smoking whenever you have the chance.

smoking kills

There are so many people who are easily addicted to tobacco. Some of them said that they are not addicted. However, at the same time they also say that they should smoke at least a cigarette per day. If you feel the same, then it is possible that you have addicted to tobacco product as well. At this point, you have to make sure that you choose wisely whether to continue to smoke or not. If you do not stop, the side effects of the tobacco will attack you like a time bomb. That is why you have to be very careful with your own health.


Nicotine Contained

Actually, it is not the tobacco that will make you addicted. It is the nicotine which is contained in tobacco that will make you addicted. When you smoke, the nicotine that you suck will absorb to your bloodstream. It just needs 10 seconds for the nicotine to reach your brain. When it reaches your brain, the nicotine will trigger the adrenaline release. Your brain will remember the feeling and it wants to repeat it again. If you follow the brain, then it is sure that you have felt the tobacco addiction that you have to stop.

Reducing Cigarettes

If you already become smokers for a very long time, it is surely hard for you to stop. It is even impossible for you to do sudden stop. The effect to your body will be bad. You might feel anxious and irritated. You will be angry easily. There is no doubt that you do not like it when you are angry to your parents just because of the nicotine effects. Therefore, in order to stop the addiction, you have to reduce your cigarettes. Slow but sure, you will realize that you can be recovered from tobacco addiction.