Signs and How to Quit from Sugar Addiction


Sugar addiction could harm your health. Well, at first you may think it is fine, it’s okay for you to have at least two slices of chocolate cake or cookies or maybe cupcakes. But after finding yourself eat too much food related sugar, what will happen to your body, particularly to your health? You’re damaging your skin, you ruin your own mood, and the worse is you’re getting fat! Maybe you’ve tried a couple of ways so hard but then none of them works for you. You will eat food related sugar again and again.

·           Signs you have sugar addiction

You cannot free your mind from thinking of sugar and sugar again. All day long your thought’s filled with sugar and you can’t do anything unless you have something like cake or other sweet foods and beverages to consume. This is a sign that your sugar cravings become stronger day by day. For example, you will choose to drink very sweet tea instead of having eight glasses of water or you will choose to consume more chocolate cakes instead of having other healthy meals. Meanwhile, when you are at the party and surrounded by many people but your thought and your view only focus on sweet foods served on the tables. You will choose to have those foods first rather than filling your stomach with the main course for dinner. You cannot resist your desire to eat sweet foods even if only for a second. This shows how your dependence on sugar. Another sign that your addiction to sugar has been greatly exaggerated comes when you are uncomfortable after trying to cut the consumption of sugar. You will experience fatigue, irritability, moodiness, anxiety, headaches and nausea. Those symptoms show how your body is craving for sugar.

·           How to quit from sugar addiction?

After all this time, consuming sweet foods or drinks really makes you comfortable. But today, say to yourself that you are not going to consume sugar. You will find some busy things to do to distract your attention. Perhaps some rewards for you? Yes! Make an appointment at a spa with your friends. Try to spend more time there, have a nice chit-chat so you will not be too bothered about sugar. If at any time you’re thinking to eat sweet foods, find foods or fruits which are healthy and low glycemic. You can have strawberries and no matter how much you eat, strawberries will not cause bad effects. For those who are trying to quit from quit addiction, temptation like “just one slice of cake”, or “just one drink” is really hard to avoid. Sweet foods and drinks are served in front of you. So what will you do? Eat them? Say no to yourself. You must have a strong determination to get over with your sugar addiction.