Save the Baby from Nicotine by Stop Smoking during Pregnancy


Nicotine addiction during pregnancy is a sad phenomenon that keeps occurring. As we know that people with a very bad smoking habit always get difficulties in stopping the habit. They experience the withdrawal symptoms that only allow them to free from nicotine for days or weeks. Unfortunately, among smokers there are a lot of female smokers. Though the pregnancy comes, the withdrawal symptoms do not give a chance for them to stop smoking. That is why pregnant smokers still continue the smoking habit during their pregnancy.

The Risks for the Baby

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As the tobacco use is continuously practised during pregnancy, the risks become doubled because it harms the mother and the baby. The mother still gets the risks as a smoker and the baby gets even more serious risks. Tobacco contains not only nicotine but also carbon monoxide. These two substances are very dangerous because they influence the quality of the oxygen supply for the baby. There is no more sufficient clean oxygen for the baby to grow well. Also, nicotine influences the placenta by increasing the concentration to the baby up to 15% higher from the common maternal level. The condition becomes more dangerous for the baby because of the fact that nicotine keeps on interfering the both the mother and the baby. Nicotine reaches the baby’s blood and amniotic fluid, as well as the mother’s breast milk. It is a very dangerous condition that even can lead to the death of the baby. When the baby still survives, the decreased birthweight is the next risk that the Nicotine addiction during pregnancy can happen. Also, the baby shows several signs of being stressed. As the baby grows, the risk caused by nicotine keeps haunting him. The baby will grow with obesity problem and bigger chance for getting close with nicotine addiction.

Other Problems that May Occur

In some cases, the habit of smoking that keeps on practiced during the pregnancy is also related to both Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and spontaneous abortion that increase the death cases of the baby. Whenever the baby is still alive, the bad effects of the nicotine will still follow him. He will grow with several behavioural problems like anxiety and depression and some problems with learning activities. When he reaches his teen age and starts smoking, he gets double chance to be addicted with nicotine, especially if the mother consumed more than a pack of cigarette during the pregnancy. In conclusion, for the sake of the baby, mothers should stop the Nicotine addiction during pregnancy.