How to Reduce Coffee Addiction


Reducing coffee addiction is making many people are frustrated in finding the way. Many people do not know how much coffee they have consumed every day. Despite having health benefits, coffee also has a negative impact on your health. Coffee contains caffeine, which can increase dopamine levels, which plays a role in controlling mood and emotion. This effect makes a person could have more concentration and energy after drinking a coffee. For those of who are already addicted to coffee, try the following suggestions if you want to control the coffee drinking habits.

Replacement Drinks

For those of you who are reducing coffee addiction, it is better if you replace it with a caffeine-free beverage such as tea or hot chocolate. Although it still contains caffeine, these drinks may be the best alternative for a transitional period to stop the coffee addiction.

Mineral Water

Mineral water serves as detoxification. The body will have enough water when you drink coffee because of the freshness of the body can be maintained without the influence of caffeine. Water will flow blood and paving the way for the caffeine to dispose it through urine and sweat.



Physical activity is the most effective way to reduce feelings of fatigue or emotions during the process of termination of drinking coffee. Exercise can stimulate endorphins that bring happiness. You can do some light exercise such as jogging, skipping, stretching and much more.

Take Enough Rest

Many people do not have enough quality rest and can stimulate energy needs generated by coffee. Therefore, get yourself used to rest enough because it can prevent you from dependence coffee and can restore your energy.

Eating Healthy Foods

In eating healthy foods, it is better if you eat vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating junk food, which has high calories. Junk food is very bad for your health and frustrates you in the end the coffee drinking reduction program. It is better if you eat foods that have high carbohydrates, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Food is a source of energy; make sure that you eat them enough to avoid drinking coffee as a way to get your energy back.


If one of the benefits of a cup of coffee is making you feel relaxed, try to look for alternative activities that can make you relaxed. Yoga is one of the sports that good for your body. In doing yoga, you will tend to require mineral water to make the body feel more fresh than hot coffee that makes your heart beat faster and ease you in reducing coffee addiction.