Nicotine Addiction and the Relapse Effect; the Reason for Returning to Smoke


Nicotine addiction is a problem that gets much attention and is given many attempts in order to make smokers aware of the risks that nicotine can give. Researches are conducted and presented in order to expose how harmful the effect of the nicotine. Campaigns and advertisements are held for the sake of making smokers understand the danger of their smoking habit. Thus, some of the smokers realize that it is dangerous to keep up the habit. They want to stop smoking, but it is so difficult for them to be free from the habit.

Why is it Difficult to Stop Smoking?

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Nicotine addiction is started by the smoking habit. People who are addicted to nicotine cannot set themselves apart from smoking even for a single day. They really need to smoke every day. Even, people who have serious addiction problem to nicotine can smoke frequently every day. The attempts of making them understand the risks of the nicotine are successful in arousing their awareness of the danger and the need to stop their habit. Indeed, they start leaving the bad habit, but only after few days they return to the tobacco. The only reason for this situation is the fact that nicotine can cause the relapse effect.


What is meant by the Relapse Effect?

There are many researches prove that nicotine really causes addiction to the smokers. It directly acts on the brain and builds its influences there. It attacks the brain centre of the pleasure feeling and causes the smokers to feel happy when they are smoking. The more people smoke the higher the dopamine they produce in the brain that improves the sensation of pleasure. When the tobacco is consumed more frequently in long period, the smokers will have to face that their brain is changed. Sooner or later, they will increase the amount and the frequency of the tobacco consumption in order to experience the pleasure effect. Then, whenever they stop smoking, they will feel unhappy and miss the pleasure that the nicotine can give. This is a sign for a relapse condition, which is the reason for them to return to the habit. Besides, there are several withdrawal symptoms that make the temptation to smoke again bigger. Some of the symptoms are the feeling of anxious, depression, the difficulty to sleep, irritability, and the increasing of the appetite. Only for hours or days the smokers will go back to the Nicotine addiction.