Nail your First Date with These Dress!


If you are in some open relationship, there will be times you will be meeting him. But when that first date comes, the confusion comes in handy. You don’t know what to wear on a first date! At the end, just like another confused girl, you panicked and began to pull out all the clothes from your closet. Huh.

ADD have a very brilliant tips for you to successfully nail your first date with a perfect dressAlso tons of perfect dress ideas for first dates!

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white dress for first date

1. If you are getting confused in what you wear and how to style it, choose something red!

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red dress for first date

It was difficult to choose the perfect dress to make a man bewitched on a first date. Despite the confusion, just choose anything mainly in red color to wear at your date. No need to wear all red (from top to bottom). Just one -or two items that you can mix and match with. For example, red blouse. Or red hand bag. Even red head band.

Why red? Based on some research, red has an dazzling effect to men and creates an more fascinating look. Go get his heart with red look! For the sake of your first date, too.

Blues in Gold_8679194676_l
burgundy dress for first date

2. To overcome anxiety and awkwardness at first date, make sure you wear some comfortable clothes.

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blue dress for first date

It is definitely a first date when you will feel nervous and clumsy due to meet with the guys who are near to you for the first time. Do not let clothes make you uncomfortable because of several things. For example lace or zipper rub against the skin that can also make your skin uncomfortable. With clothes with comfortable materials and models in the body, you can launch yourselves fervently to get his heart.

3. No need to wear Zara. Great look and comfortable are enough.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a_4018764335_l
gray dress for first date

Do not worry, most of the boys would not matter what brand of clothes you wear when the first date. All they know is good and the appropriateness of the performance he saw in you. No need to confuse you should wear this brand and that, most importantly, that fits in your body and makes you more beautiful suit your personality.

4. Get the feminine look for your perfect first date

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patterned dress for first date

Most guys would love to see a girl with a feminine appearance. Of course you do not have to be like Barbie doll -it’s a very girly one and not realistic one. But you try to wear a skirt or dress for a date. Of course, this feminine appearance adapted to the personality of each one of you, yes. For footwear, try to wear wedges or high heels to create an increasing feminine look. But if you do not want to use that high, you can also wear flat shoes that are girly and pretty to be combined with your dress.


5. Simple yet beautiful. It’s just a first date though.

big checkers loose dress_8810707681_l
plaid check dress for first date
Blue dress_8022242126_l
floral patterned blue dress for first date

In addition to wear comfortable clothes, you also do not need to wear clothes that are complicated to produce in the latest fashion. Remember you will meet people who you know and not too know how to taste and what he likes. You better come up with a style that is ‘safe’ to be easily liked by others that we do not even know his tastes.


6. Obviously match your looks with where the meeting place is

Brentford  v Swindon - The Play-Offs - May 2013_8728953994_l
dress with sneakers for first date


No way was you wear high heels when you agree to go to tourist sites on top of a beautiful hill? It’s important to adjust the way you look at where you are going to and she headed for the first date. If you are going out in the open, you can wear beautiful shirts with knee-length skirts plus sneakers that will make your appearance look sporty but still beautiful.


7. Wear natural make up for your perfect first date

Bubble Sleeve Formal Sash Day Dress (Black)_5692870690_l
black dress for first date


It has been obligatory to look beautiful and attractive at the moment of the first date. But that does not mean you have to perform with a spectacular makeup to make you fascinated. Precisely with a simple and natural makeup who will be able to make your natural beauty shine. Enough brush a thin layer of some cosmetic products your favorites, then you were ready to go with him.

8. For some people, avoid too much glamorous and formal looks at this first date

Blue Dress Series_1755406121_l

To make someone interested in you, does not mean you have to wear glamorous clothes and complicated. Choose clothing that is simple so that he will be more free to talk to you, instead of focusing on the twinkling of thy sequin dress. Avoid clothing that is too formal or too glamorous that it will not make you look approachable. With beautiful appearance but relaxed and friendly, obviously he will want to know you further.

Andrea_16295410699_l Black skirt and high heels_9184104650_l

The key to a successful first date is that you can be yourself and be a fun person. Confidence is very influential also in this case, because of the confidence the beauty in you will shine by itself.

Blue sequin dress_9184105660_l
sparkling dress for first date

Blue dress (in front of the scenes)_2797736030_m Canon EOS 60D - Pretty wife Lisa - New Year_16221486072_l Cassi - Costumed_11245130893_l Christmas on the Hill formal dress_2099144319_m