Muscle & Fitness Australia – November 2016 (PDF Download)


Muscle & Fitness is the leading magazine for health and fitness in Australia and New Zealand, consistently outselling all other magazines in its field. Muscle & Fitness magazine provides a serious guide to body development, health and fitness necessary for any sports person training to be competitively successful, and is an essential guide for the professional trainer wishing to keep ahead of advances within this rapidly expanding field. Muscle & Fitness encourages an ‘active lifestyle’ and offers a vast range of information from exercise and nutrition to state of the art equipment and sports accessories. Muscle & Fitness is published by Weider Publishing UK. The Weider Group is internationally celebrated and supported by some of the world’s elite athletes who follow the Weider principles.

Top contents:

  • 4-week summer shred workout
  • why you need that cheat meal
  • abs in 10 mins
  • major gains: at-home plan
  • etc


Muscle & Fitness Australia – November 2016
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