Medical Treatment for Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol addiction treatment needs to be carried out to anyone who shows the symptoms of alcohol addiction. It is important to give immediate treatment because of the fact that alcohol may result in the damage of many vital organs in the body. Some of the organs that may be harmed by the alcoholic drinks are stomach, heart, liver, brain, and even the nervous system. Also, the negative effects of alcohol addiction can be in the form of psychological changes such as having a very bad temper so that the alcohol addicted person can get mad easily, pay less attention or even no attention at all to his surroundings, and do any efforts for the sake of getting money to buy alcoholic drinks like stealing.

Two kinds of Medication Needed

There are two kinds of medication that alcohol addicted people need to follow during the Alcohol addiction treatment. First, they need to take medicines for reducing the withdrawal symptoms. We know that whenever those people who are addicted to alcoholic drinks stop consuming it, they will suffer from the withdrawal symptoms such as extreme seating, uncontrolled shaking hands, insomnia, vomiting, and hallucination. These symptoms then will influence them to return to the addiction again. Thus, the medication for helping them pass the period of withdrawal is needed. The medicines that are used for this purpose are in two categories, seizure medicines and antianxiety medicines. Benzodiazepines are used for treating the anxiety symptoms. An example of the medicine is diazepam. Other medicines that can be taken during the withdrawal period are disulfiram, naltrexone, and acamprosate. Second, they need to take medicines for the recovery process. By taking the medicines, an alcohol addicted person will stay sober during the recovery process. Some medicines to be taken are disulfiram, naltrexone, acamprosate, and topiramate. Disulfiram is beneficial in preventing the patients from drinking the alcoholic drinks again. It causes the stomach to feel pain when the alcoholic drinks are consumed. Naltrexone is beneficial to prevent any pleasure caused by drinking the alcoholic drinks. Acamprosate is useful for reducing the craving. Topiramate is beneficial for treating any problems caused by the alcoholic drinks.

What should be consumed during the Treatment?

Since the consumption of alcoholic drinks continuously, the people’s body will lose some important nutrients from their body. They will have lower minerals and vitamins. Vitamin B1 or what is popular as thiamine gets the biggest loss because of the alcohol. Thus, during the treatment and the recovery processes, the patients are recommended to consume foods and drinks that contain both minerals and vitamins. Even, they are suggested to consume thiamine supplements in order to support the people’s health condition during the Alcohol addiction treatment.