Knowing More about Addiction


People always relate addiction with drugs using behavior. But actually addiction has had a wider meaning. It is seen as a human conduct where they compulsively engage with something that is able to stimulate them continuously. Usually the people who are in addiction seek the thing that becomes the object of their addiction as their way to relieve their stress. It is also because the addiction is able to give the user something they really like a lot. That is why addiction tends to give people bad effect as it is able to drive them away from balance life. We can categorize addiction from something that you consume and something that you use or experience. Addiction for consuming something usually has a material that stimulates your nerve to like it. Meanwhile addictions from something that you used or experienced usually will give a strange feeling where you keep use it or experience it.

Addiction From Consuming Something

Some people consider this kind of addiction is really dangerous. It is because the material that you consume usually affects your body. People always relate this kind of addiction with drugs. Some drugs contain material that give body a certain effect where the nerve inside the body stimulated and give the overall effect of relaxation in the body. If the body are already used to the stimulation, usually the amount of material that is able to stimulate the body will be increased. That is why when the nerve is over stimulated it can break in some way. It makes the material give bad effect to the body as it will make the nerve experience something bad.

Addiction From Something That You Use Or Experience

Perhaps it is not really affect your inner side of body. But still the addiction will be able to drive you into doing something bad. We take the example of people who like to shop. The addiction of shopping may not be able to give your body bad effect. But it will be really bad to your social life. Addiction of shopping may use up your money and create a difficulty in arranging the money. The other addiction from experience is addiction from gaming. Some people who take the gaming into the extreme usually will use up their resources and even energy to the gaming. Some people even do not pay attention to their health while playing the game. It will give the people who are in addiction an external cause danger to the health.