Internet Addiction and How to Treats It


Internet addiction can be harmful and often, people are not realizing if they are becomes depend to this technology.  Internet addiction is a submission of a disorder that called with “technology addiction” that makes people is having obsession and depends to technology. People identified with this internet addiction since they are using computer and gadget that connected with internet and use it in excessive way that interfere their daily life. However, identify for people that has been addicted with internet is not easy. Fortunately, there is internet addiction test that can measure people’s is they are already addicted or just rambling for internet use.

Internet Addiction Test Measure

This internet addiction will measure in mild, moderate and give levels for each internet addiction. The scale for internet addiction is using scale that result with; rarely (1), occasionally (2), frequently (3), often (4), and always (5).  The score can different your internet use whether you are se internet as you are habitually or you have been addicted. If you have higher score when you are following the test, this means that you are going to have heavier addicted to internet. If you identified with internet addiction, you need to make consultation and therapy. Here are some treatments that you can do for your internet addiction.

Internet Addiction Treatments

As commonly happen with people that have addiction, they are very hard to refraining of the substance ad often chose poor decisions that makes their addiction worst. Following internet addiction supporting group will give you help to coping internet addiction and pointing to right direction about how to use internet well.  You are available to follow virtual therapy for internet addiction that common in internet and visit doctor and therapist that have specialty in internet addiction. To breaking internet addiction with your self-control, you can follow these steps. The first one is changing your internet use slowly. Keep in your mind and divide your internet activity that come with non-working activity to non-essential activity. Remember times and moment where you are use internet more than usually and what makes you stay in your computer online in hours when you are planning for brief internet surfing. This will help you to recognize the causes why you spend more time in internet such as playing internet game online, chat with your social media account, and many more. Open more relationship that is real with your family and less making internet relationship that makes you suffer from internet addiction faster.