Games Addiction; The Symptoms and the Physical Condition


Games addiction is another type of addiction that can lead to a very serious effect on the person’s life. This is started by a simple activity of playing games on a computer as an effort of spending the spare time. The various games that are available to play make the activity more interesting to do. This causes higher frequency of playing games, as well as more time spent for the activity. A person can be said to have games addiction whenever he cannot control himself anymore to stop playing it and to do other activities. This kind of addiction is mostly experienced by teenagers.

The Symptoms of Games Addiction

When a person gets games addiction, he will show several symptoms. The first symptom to be aware of is when the person spends much of his out-of-school time to play games. Even he does not care to change his uniform or to enjoy his lunch. All he wants to do as soon as arriving home is turning on the computer and playing the games. Also, he spends much of his time at home to play games until so late at night. This causes him to fall asleep at school. This is the second symptoms that friends at school, teachers, and parents should notice. He does not want to spend the time with his friends because his needs for playing games. Even, he starts leaving his sport clubs and any other social organization just for the sake of playing games. This is the first chance for having problem with his social relationship. Then, the following symptoms can happen due to the Games addiction that becomes more serious than before. He loses his interest and willingness to do homework and other kinds of school assignments. Sooner or later, he gets worse grades and fails in some tests.

Physical Condition that is caused by Games Addiction

The bigger desire to play games, the more time spent for playing it. A person with games addiction plays games till early in the morning. It changes his sleeping time so that he starts to be sleepy during the school hours. The sleep disturbance also changes the duration of sleeping because he does not want to miss much time for playing games. The lack of sleep and the frequent contact with computer monitor cause him to have dry eyes and headache. The same body positioning when playing games, sitting on the floor or on a chair, and the continuous activity of sitting and clicking on the mouse and keyboards cause him to suffer from both neck aches and backache. Also, he often misses his meal time so that he suffers from stomach ache too. These physical problems can be worse so that it is important to take immediate efforts to stop the Games addiction.