Games Addiction; Save Our Children and Teenagers from it


Games addiction can happen to any children and teenagers because of the pleasure that the games can give. The first aim of parents allowing their children to play games both video games and computer games is to give them entertaining activities after the school hours. However, the fact that there are many kinds of games available to play causes a bigger temptation to keep on playing the games. This is the initial condition for the games addiction to occur.

Why is it Important to Stop the Addiction

The higher frequency of playing games causes the children and the teenager to spend much of their time on playing it. They soon forget the need to interact with other people, to do school tasks, and even to fulfil their personal needs such as eating. Then, they will get problems related to their relationship with other people. Also, they will get some physical problems caused by the frequency of playing games such as headache, red eyes, backache, neck-ache, stomach-ache, and health problems with eyes. Thus, it is very important to stop the Games addiction in order to make them live healthier, physically and socially.

Efforts to Overcome the Games Addiction

The problems related to video games should be well-reacted by parents. They have to understand the symptoms of the Games addiction in order to give the most beneficial efforts for stopping it. The earlier the symptoms are noticed the easier to save the children from addiction. Parents should get the most effective way to limit the children’s access to games. A strict schedule on several activities at home should be consistently practised in order to leave no chance for the game addiction symptoms to create serious problems. Of course, it is important to provide other pleasant activities as a compensation for leaving the games. These activities will be a safer option to take because children will not protest it. Watching movies at the cinema, going to the playground, cooking time, swimming, camping, and many other interesting activities should be introduced to children in order to make them sure that there are still many other activities that can create pleasure and even provide bigger pleasure than playing games. However, this solution is often difficult with teenagers because they have their own thought of many things. Even, teenagers can sacrifice their hobbies just for the sake of playing games. For this kind of difficult situation, parents should go to some clinics that provide medical treatment for Games addiction.