Flex USA – June 2016 (PDF Download)


FLEX will provide you with your monthly guide to the world of bodybuilding. FLEX magazine talks to the biggest pros to get the inside scoop to how the best in the world get there and stay there. With FLEX you will learn the latest strategies that they will use to further develop their title-winning physiques, and the competitive goals they will apply them to.

  • The ultimate chest plan: Build yours the Flex Lewis way
  • Lou Ferrigno’s 10 secrets for size
  • 25 rules for more mass
  • Grow your arms fast with our intense routine
  • Crazy legs! You won’t believe this workout!
  • etc.

Flex - June 2016

Flex USA – June 2016
English | 232 pages | True PDF | 64 Mb

Download: HugeFiles

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