Effects of Drug Addiction


There are many dangerous drug addiction effects that well-known by people. But there are still some of them that only know without realize the true horror of the thing after they try it. Well then let me give you some drug addiction effects that and explain the facts that come with it.


Long term of drug abuse which leads to addiction can cause deaths, disabilities, and also illness. The fact that those drug addiction effects are ranked the highest among any other medical condition that lead to those kinds of conditions. Research says that people with drug addiction have 4 times higher possibilities of getting into those condition of bad outcomes. Even though some of them may escape from those conditions, they will face some other things like accident, domestic violence, medical problems, and unintentional injuries.

Health Problem



The health problems are the main of drug addiction effects. The most dangerous one is that it can affect the immune system, when this happens, those person can say goodbye to healthy life. The other dangerous effects is the occurrence of heart attack possibilities, injected drugs can cause veins to collapsed and caused serious infection to blood vessel. That condition lead to a 4 times higher possibilities of people with drug addiction to got heart attack. Drugs can be poison if we use it in abnormal usage, when this happen, the liver will work harder than ever. Further effects can cause liver failure. Global body change can also happen during the time of drugs addiction.

Brain Effects

We cannot talk about drug addiction effects if we do not include the brain as one of the system that will take the biggest effects. This is the first point where the drugs will take their steps to affect all of your body. As we know that drugs will affects the way nerve system and also brain receptor to work, long term usage during the addiction will change the way they work. That is why people who addicted to drugs will have their individual ability to make decision change 180 degrees.


Behavioral effects are the next effects that come from the brain. People who are in addiction state of drugs will tend to have the experiences of paranoia, loss of self-control, hallucination, aggressiveness, impaired judgment, impulsiveness, and many other kinds of behavioral effects. Those effects will cause them to keep themself away from the crowd; they will tend to have them self alone. This condition will make their addiction getting worse since there will be no one there that can help them to get rid of the addiction.