Drugs that Lead to Addiction and Some Serious Health Problems


Drug addiction is not a new topic around the world. However, it seems so difficult to overcome the problem though there is a strong cooperation among countries in the world to stop the drug circulation. No matter how many users, drug producers, and drug distributors were caught, sent to jail, or executed to death, new cases grow even bigger and faster. It is believed that there are even some attempts planned and done in order to trap new users such as distributing candies contaminated by certain drug just for the sake of making children addicted to the drug. This is how the problem of drug addiction becomes wider. What kinds of drug cause drug addiction actually?

Marijuana or Grass

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Marijuana is produced by using Canabis Sativa, a plant that creates delta 9 THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. This substance is an active ingredient that leads to intoxication. People use marijuana by smoking it. However, it is possible to be eaten too. Of course, the use of marijuana gives some effects that keeps the users to us it such as the feeling of pleasure and relaxed. The risks of using marijuana are lungs diseases and cancer. Even, marijuana gives higher risk for cancer than the use of tobacco. Drug addiction caused by marijuana often leads to the users’ demand to feel more pleasure. That is why they tend to start to use cocaine.

Cocaine or Coke

Cocaine is also produced by using plant which is called coca that is grown in South America. By smoking, injecting, swallowing, or snorting the cocaine, users will get pleasure effects and become more alerted. The use of cocaine leads to several serious health problems including stroke, heart diseases, and other damage to the body organs such as kidney, brain, and lung. The fatal risk of marijuana use is death.

Heroin or Horse

Heroin that is usually injected to the users’ body can give several effects such as pleasure and drowsiness. This is what makes the use of heroin increases from time to time. However, there are many negative impacts to the health that the use of heroin can cause. The needles that are used for injecting the heroin are often dirty so that it can cause infection, botulism, and tetanus. Whenever the users share the needles, it can lead to a fatal disease like AIDS. Users that are trying to stop from using heroin will have to face some withdrawal symptoms like sweating, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. In brief, all the drugs that cause addiction will lead to some health problems so that we should protect everyone from any kinds of Drug addiction.