Drug Addiction Treatment through Counselling Session


Drug addiction treatment is not a simple process to carry, especially when the addiction has lasted for long time. It is due to the fact that drug consumption in high dosage for long time can cause changes in the brain. The brain cannot accept low dosage anymore so that the addicted person should increase the dosage and the frequency of taking the drugs. This is when the body starts losing its excellent functions. Moreover, the addicted person will suffer from more serious withdrawal symptoms when the drugs are no longer consumed by him. That is why the efforts of treating and recovering the patient will be hard and requires long time too.

Why is a Counselling Session Required?

The usage of the drugs does not only affect the person’s body but also his mental condition. He will make some behavioural changes too including giving lack responsibility in studying or doing his jobs, taking drugs while driving, stealing, and many other negative behaviours. Also, the drugs influence his mind so that it will not be easy to ask him to follow whatever the Drug addiction treatment requires him to do. Then, a counselling session is needed in order to overcome the barrier for conducting the medical treatments and to guide the person to develop positive behaviours again. Indeed, this counselling session is important to be held for the sake of making the treatment successful. The approaches of the counselling session are a family counselling, a therapy for cognitive behaviour, psychotherapy, and other kinds of therapy.

Kinds of Therapy to be selected

There are some available alternatives of the therapy including individual therapy, group therapy, residential therapy, and outpatient therapy. An individual therapy is a process of therapy that only involves the addicted person himself. It can give focus on the patient, but may be a little bit difficult to gain success because the patient may get bigger difficulty in overcoming the withdrawal symptoms. That is why a group therapy is often selected as a better alternative than the previous therapy. The group therapy enables the addicted person to sit together in a group of people with the same addiction problems. This is a good chance for them to keep motivating each other so that they can pass the withdrawal period. Staying in a group of people that have the same goal to be recovered from the drug addiction gives them not only motivation from each other but also a challenge to win the process. Finally, they will be successful in the process of Drug addiction treatment.