Don’t Be an Alcoholism!


There are so many people who get alcohol addiction. There are so many people who get alcohol. However, it is their choice whether to be addicted or not. Some people say that they consume alcohol because they want to forget the problems they have. However, there are also some other people who drink alcohol just because they like the taste. It does not matter the reason you have but drinking alcohol to the extent that makes you addicted is bad. The effect of alcohol itself is not that good for your body. You surely do not want these things happen to you.

If you just drink alcohol occasionally, you might not face big issue with the effect of alcohol. For minor result, you might only feel like you cannot walk properly. Besides, your speech might be different as well. Your reflex will also be delayed since the brain needs time to think. The worst of all, you have to vomit since you get stomach pain. Those exhausting effects can happen even though you just drink a glass of alcohol. It depends on each person’s alcohol tolerance to experience the effect. There is no doubt that you do not want those things.

Worst Effect of Alcohol


The effects above are not only the things you will get from alcohol. If you become addicted, there are more serious illnesses that you would like to avoid. You will possibly get significant hangover that will need you more time to get recovered. Besides, your alcohol tolerance would be increase which means you will be able to drink more alcohol at once. You might also neglect your own responsibilities since your brain might not care about it. The worst of all, you will get withdrawal symptoms once you cannot reach alcohol. It is surely bad effect of getting alcohol addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms that you can get from being alcoholism can be worst. You might feel your body tremors as you move it. You will also get extreme anxiety which can be calmed only with alcohol. It is also possible if you get nausea all the time. The worst of all, you can even imagine hallucinations which can danger your own self. Since the effects are very serious, you have to remember that you were once a healthy person and you need to back at that state. Therefore, you will get the chance to recover from alcohol addiction.