Why is it so Difficult to Save Smokers from Cigarette Addiction?


Cigarette addiction is not a brand new problem to discuss. There so many ways that people do in order to make the smokers aware of the harm that the cigarette can cause and to persuade them to stop smoking. The risks of smoking is not only written out but also visualized through pictures, photographs, posters, and even some TV advertisements. They are quite effective in making the smokers aware of the risks, as well as willing to try to stop smoking. Do they really make effort? Yes, but it only lasts for one or two weeks.

Nicotine is the Only One to blame

Why is it so hard just to make them stop smoking? The answer for this question is because of the nicotine found in the cigarette. Nicotine can work effectively in activating the reward pathways in the brain, and then influence the brain to produce the feeling of pleasure. Of course, this feeling cannot be produced without the existence of nicotine, which then causes the smokers to have desire of starting to smoke again. The fact that they lose the sensation of being pleased and comfortable while smoking, motivate them to forget whatever risks that the cigarette has. As a result, they start the Cigarette addiction again.

The Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal

During the periods of trying to stop smoking, the smokers actually experience what is so called the nicotine withdrawal. This is the condition where their body starts reacting to the inexistence of the nicotine. Some of the symptoms that can be seen easily are the feeling of anxious, the problems in sleeping, irritability, feeling depressed, losing concentration, and having more appetite. These symptoms can begin even after few hours of smoking. Also, the condition can last for days, weeks, and months, which require much smokers to strengthen their desire to stop smoking or they will return to cigarette. The first days can be said as the peak of the nicotine withdrawal so that the temptation to smoke again is often difficult to ignore. Only if they can pass it nicely, they can be successful in their effort. After the first few days, the temptation and the nicotine withdrawal symptoms is getting decreased and decreased. Moreover, there are some things that also influence the smokers to smoke again such as the particular smell of the cigarette and the look of it. Similarly, their habit of handling the cigarette, lighting it, and then smoking it cause them to miss it so much so that they want to smoke again. This is how it is difficult to save smokers from Cigarette addiction.