Definition and Symptoms of Drug Addiction


You might have heard a lot about drug addiction and how it affects badly to young generation. The news spread all over the worlds, yet you might have no idea how and what is exactly the definition of drug addiction. When a certain substance is used without proper amount and for wrong purpose and causes dependency, it is called drug addiction. You need to know that nicotine as well as alcohol is considered to be drug, even though they are legal. Once you consume the drug, your body might be craving for more. The higher dose you consume, the higher too the risk you would encounter. As the time goes by, you will not be able to control your need and want of the drug. You will keep on using it and ignoring any bad and dangerous effects it brings. There might be an intention to quit, but person with drug addiction always need help, medically as well psychologically. Support from people who love him play big part in making him return to be a healthy person.

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You might have heard too about mental disease caused by drug addiction. There some problems that follow this one single disease, ourphysical health, relationship with others, law as well as employment. Who will be willing to accept a person with drug addiction in his company? Who will be pleasure having a friend who is mentally disordered? So, when you have even a slightest desire to try this kind of drug, think about the long term effects you must bear.

It might be started in social situation. A friend offered you a drug and suddenly you become addicted. Just as simple as that and you become miserable person who is craving for more to feel the temporary sensation that will only make your addiction even worse. The idea of stopping the drug will make your physic ill. This is when the symptoms of drug addiction happen. Here are symptoms of drug addiction you need to know: you feel that you must use the drug daily or several times daily; intense urge always comes up to consume the drug; for the same sensation/effect, sometimes more drug is needed; you sacrifice and do everything for the sake of the drug, such as stealing or even murdering; you focus only on getting the drug and making sure you have enough every day for the whole life; you fail in you effort to stop. Sounds terrifying? So be wise and stay away from drug.