How to Cure Game Addiction


In this modern age gaming is one of the entertainment that is able to make people feel enjoyed and having fun. There are games that are made for the purpose to offer the people with reality. Some games such as FPS or MMORPG are able to make people really preoccupied with the goals that need to be achieved inside the game. Developed with graphic that makes the video games look more real, it makes the people throw away their reality and playing the game instead. It is what the people called as game addiction. There are pros and cons about the development of the game. Some people who pros said that game give them serenity and something that they can’t achieve in the public environment. Meanwhile some people who cons said that gaming is a useless activity where they can’t get anything from it. No matter the effect, we should keep playing the game in moderation. It is because there are cases where people who are addicted in gaming even can’t pay attention with what happen around them. And some of the case also said that game addiction makes people are more violence. So here we are want to seek the way how to cure the game addiction

Catching the Awareness

It is the most difficult part of curing the game addiction, that is make the people or even yourself aware the negative side of gaming addiction. You need to see the things around you. Compare the situation where you are in actual relation and the relationship in gaming. If you are aware that you become more and more left behind, you need to leave the game that make you become an anti-social person. Well if gaming makes advantages for you, I mean with the material things then it is good for you. But most of people can’t gain a thing from doing the game. So if you are the later, then it is more reason for you to stop.

After Stopping the Gaming Habit

So what are you doing after stopping your gaming habit? Sometimes it is a difficult question because gaming is something that keeps us up from the world outside. Well the answer is actually easy. You need to see what genre of video game that you like the most. Take the example that you like an RPG game. You can stop the gaming and try to engage the world by starting your own journey. If you are a fan of FPS game you can start to compete in the real world by playing airsoft gun or even playing paint ball.