Can’t Live Without Coffee!!!!


Some people just cannot live without certain amount of coffee every day. What causes it? They are actually under the condition of caffeine addiction. We all know that caffeine can make us happier, lighter and more enthusiastic in doing our activities every day. For informational purposes (not for medically diagnose caffeine addiction), some websites provide a kind of tool to measure how addicted you are to caffeine. Well, you may try to fill some blank spaces provided to know whether or not you are addicted to caffeine. We know that caffeine can be gotten in largest amount in coffee, which is why most people love this caffeinated beverage so much that cannot live without it in one day. There are some questions you may answer to know the caffeine addiction facts of yourself, such as do you have caffeinated beverage every day? Do you feel headache when being late or skipping caffeinated beverage in a day? Do you have 3-4 coffees or any other drinks which contain about 500mg of caffeine? Do you feel unhappy and feel like crap in the morning before having your morning caffeine? If most answers for those questions are yes, then you are likely to be caffeine addictive.

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For more detail and more accurate result, it is suggested that you see your doctor. Caffeine does not only exist in coffee. It also exists in tea, coca-cola, Pepsi and some other soft drinks. People who usually have 100mg caffeine a day (about one cup of coffee), may get physical dependence on that beverage. It means, when they do not get enough caffeine, they will have nausea, stiffness as well as muscle pain, headache, mood swings, vomiting and other depressing symptoms. Now you can recognize whether or not you are one of thecaffeine addicted persons.

A professor who masters on psychology, Roland Griffiths states that people who have caffeine addiction are classified to be having psychological disorder. He had been through a research where he found out that the caffeine addiction may last until about 24 hours. In some cases, the caffeine addicted condition may last to 9 days. So it is good to have 1-3 cups of coffee or caffeinated drinks every day? Read more about this and have deep discussion with your health care provider. He may give you the right explanation about how much caffeine intake that is still considered to be healthy.