Caffeine Dependence Symptoms


Caffeine exists in coffee, tea, chocolate and some other soft drinks we have in our easy and lazy times. Some people even must have coffee in the morning and in certain time in a day. We might not know that having coffee every morning, at lunch time or before sleeping indeed affect our nerve system. There is such kind of substance in our body that can make us happier and calmer. The deficiency of this substance can be substituted by caffeinated beverage, caffeinated pills or caffeinated foods. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss more about the caffeine dependence symptoms. Read along and get yourself informed.

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You need to know that the caffeine dependence symptoms can be mild mood swings to symptoms similar to flue. We all know that flue causes by a bacteria which affects mostly our respiratory part. It might be difficult to determine whether the symptoms are the part of flue attack or other factors. To differentiate whether the flue like symptoms is caused by the bacteria or caffeine dependency, here are the things you should notice well. If the headache, the chills, and cough last for about two weeks that it is likely to be the real flue. But, if the symptoms stop when you have your caffeine, so, it can be assured that you have caffeine dependence symptoms. The other symptoms of having caffeine dependence are vomiting and nausea. There are many factors that cause both symptoms, make sure you recognize it well in order to get the right treatment. Nausea is when you feel that your stomach wants to expel all things outside, while vomiting is when your stomach push itself to throw all meals or drinks outside in order to empty itself. This can be caused by some factors as mentioned earlier, and caffeine dependence can be one. The easy way to determine is likely to be the same as symptoms similar to the flue.

Caffeine is the psychoactive drug. The next might be question arise; can we consume too much caffeine? We never know the amount or percentage of caffeine in certain products. Never listed there how many grams of caffeine inside. But, let us just think it in simple way, if drinking too much caffeine is dangerous, so there must be a list of caffeine percentage in every caffeinated product so that we know how much we should take.