Better Sex With Yoga (PDF Download)

Better Sex with yoga? Yes, it is possible. You will learn about exercises, poses, and meditations for men, women, and couples who wants to improve their sex life.

This book will show you how Yoga can improve your health and sex drive as well as your sexual experience to make your life a more enjoyable one. You will learn to let go of stress, anxiety and inhibitions so you can open up to your inner energy flow which will, in turn, let you open up to the experience of enjoying sex. Yoga is thousands of years old and in its time has helped people to align the mind, body and spirit, find increased well-being, peace, and inner balance. It also energizes and invigorates. It can improve many aspects of life. It helps to prevent premature aging, keep the body fit, trim and free of pain and ailments.

Better Sex With Yoga (PDF Download)

Among the physical benefits, it can bring are included an increased sex drive and sexual experience. Sex is more than just the physical experience, just as Yoga is more than physical exercise. With both activities, an important and powerful mental and spiritual component is present. With sex, a powerful emotional component is always present.

Better Sex With Yoga
English | 32 pages | 109 KB
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