Bad Effects and How to Avoid Smoking Addiction


Smoking addiction is not only harm for the person who smokes, but also for all people around him/her or usually we call them as passive smokers and we should know that it is more dangerous for passive smokers than the active one. In each place we can see that people gather together in a special site to smoke, to avoid people from getting contaminated by the smoke, especially children. It is forbidden for us to smoke in any public place like city park, mall and restaurant because many people gathered in there and not all of them are smokers. Even in some places, the local government places a punishment and fine for people who smoke in a public place or public transportation vehicles.

·           What are the bad effects of cigarettes?     

When we talk about cigarettes and their bad effects for us and other people, it is easy for us to find the bad effect from the health point of view. It can cause cancer, pregnancy disorder and also sterility for a man where they loss their ability to give birth. But we will not see it from this point of view; we will try to see it from the social perspective. When we talk to someone who does not smoke, it will be really annoying if smoke in front of them because of the smell and the smoke or when we smokes in a public place, like a restaurant or in a mall, it will disturb other people coziness while enjoying their food or their shopping time. So it is better for us who smoke to hold the desire to smoke until we go home or smoke in a special place to smoke so it won’t bother other people.

·           How to avoid our addiction from bothering others?

It is true that smoking addiction is bad for our body and also for others but it is our right not to stop smoking because we buy the cigarettes using our money but as a social creature, we need to respect other people’s right in order to gain their respect on us. So if we don’t want other people to prevent us from smoking, we need to make sure that our activity does not bother them, especially does not cause a disease. When we smoke in our place, try not to smoke in front of children and the mother-to-be because it is dangerous for them. No one will tell us to stop because it is a problem between us and our own smoking addiction.