Alcohol Addiction, Symptoms and Effects to be Aware of


Alcohol addiction is another kind of addiction that can be a serious problem, even potential for fatal effect like death. The addiction is started from ordinary consumption of alcoholic drinks, which then becomes more and more intense until a person cannot pass a single day without drinking alcoholic drinks. The symptoms for the alcohol addiction are varied among people, which are actually influenced by how much the consumption of the alcohol drinks and how often it is consumed.

The Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

When a person get addicted to alcohol, he will increase the frequency of consuming alcoholic drinks and even get higher amount of it to be consumed day by day. That is why we can see the symptoms of the person getting drunk more often than before such as walking and doing things with poor balance, redness in his eyes, vomiting, having stomach-ache, and losing consciousness. A person that is addicted to alcohol also gives less attention to his family and his responsibility in doing his job, having more time to get recovered from the alcoholic drinks influence after consuming it, and showing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.


The Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Just like other types of addiction, alcohol addiction will also result in withdrawal symptoms whenever the person tries to stop consuming the alcoholic drinks. His hands will be shaking uncontrolled. His body produces more sweat though the weather is cold. Also, he starts experiencing some physiological effects like insomnia, anxiety, and hallucination. The condition of this alcohol withdrawal can even cause a fatal effect to the death of the person. That is why a person that is addicted by alcohol should get medical treatment and doctor assistance during the withdrawal symptoms so that he can be successful in recovering from Alcohol addiction.

What Makes it so Important to Stop the Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction causes the person to change their behaviour, which often annoy his relationship with his family and friends. This new behaviour is actually alcohol influenced-behaviour or the behaviour that is actually not the person’s own behaviour. It is only performed as the alcohol influence, not the actual changed-behaviour. It is so bad to have a cracked-relationship with those people in our life. Besides, the alcohol addiction will also give negative impacts to the person’s health. The alcohol will destroy some of the important organs in his body even can cause a fatal effect. A person with a serious alcohol addiction will start to lose the functions of his stomach, liver, and nervous system. Moreover, the most dangerous effect is when the most vital organs heart and brain lose their functions because of alcohol. This is when the person is getting closer and closer to his death. In brief, it is so urgent to save a person from his death caused byAlcohol addiction.