Addiction: How did It Start?


Most people talk about drug addiction and any other kinds of addiction without even know the cause of the addiction itself. After years of research, scientist have found out the cause of drug addiction long time ago, but the problem is that there are still much people that do not know anything about this. Maybe they think it is not important to know the cause as long as they can figure out how to heal it. Believe me my friend; you need more than prediction in order to get rid of it.

What is Drug Addiction?

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First let we start with the true understanding of drug addiction. It is a brain disease that causes someone to be in in compulsive drug seeking and use condition. Even though they realize the consequences they will tend to keep doing it over and over again. Why this drug addiction included to brain disease, because the abuse of drugs can change the function of the brain and also its structure. Even though sometimes this thing allowed for medical treatment, but drug abuse in long term can cause change the structure and function of the brain permanently which will affect person’s self-control and his or her ability to take decision.


What Happen?

The true cause of drug addiction starts from the very beginning of you taking the drugs. The drug is chemical substances that disrupt into the brain’s system and affecting the nerve function of send, process, and receive back the information. There are two kinds of ways that drugs have in order to do that, by imitating the chemical messengers that exist naturally inside the brain, or overstimulated the process of the circuit inside the brain. The first method allows the drugs to fool the brain receptors and make them activate the nerve cell. The message that the nerve cell send is an abnormal message. Meanwhile the second method allows the drugs to disrupt the communication line between neurons that will also disrupt the message that use for normal communication patterns. Both of the method usually is normally used in order to treat someone medical condition that required as a medication for certain disease or surgery. The effects of the drugs have been controlled by the responsible person so that the effects will only happen in short period and will not take long term impact for the brain. But if the usage is out of the limit, the brain will no longer get use to the use of normal impulse by natural chemical inside the brain, so that the receptor and the nerve system will ask for the impulse from the drugs.